A Home Care Plan with No Age Limits

Home care plans are the necessity of the hour as approximately 70% of Americans need some type of home care services. Involvement of professionalism makes home care plans more effective and valuable. The professionalism of a plan is reflected by the work done by the caregivers. Stepping on to this, Keystone Elder Planning, LLC brings professional work just at your doorstep.

Keystone Elder Planning, LLC through ASSI assigns caregivers who complete all their work professionally. All the work related to the offering of services, making payment and providing required necessities will be covered in a professional manner. Keystone Elder planning provides True Freedom home care plans in which professional caregivers understand your needs personally. As we grow old, daily life tasks become challenging and hard to perform. This is the reason True Freedom Home Care plans are essential.

There are several premier plans through which you can access services from True Freedom Home care Plans as mentioned below:

  • Bronze Plan

It has the lowest number of lifetime membership time which are 1,500 hours. Cost of this plan is $37500, current lifetime retail value.

  • Silver Plan

It has 3,000 lifetime membership hours which are just double of Bronze Plan. Cost of Silver Plan is $75,000, current lifetime retail value.

  • Gold Plan

Gold Plan consists of 6,000 lifetime membership hours. A number of hours are two times of Silver Plan. Cost of this plan is 150,000, current lifetime retail value.

  • Platinum Plan

The platinum plan offers you the highest number of lifetime membership time which are 10,000 hours. Cost of this plan $250,000, current lifetime retail value.


As that cost increases, so will the value of True Freedom Membership hours.

* The “Current Lifetime Retail Value” is based on the 2017 average of $25.00 per hour for Non-Medical Home Health Aides nationwide.

All the plans are offered by the licensed home care services. Their prices range with respect to the services they include. Choosing the most reliable plan gives you most satisfying facilities and home care services.

In Keystone Elder Planning, you can avail agency and services anytime. Those services include

  • Meal preparation
  • Bathing, toileting and personal hygiene
  • Laundry, ironing and changing linens
  • Grocery shopping
  • Monitoring of good diet
  • Medication reminders
  • Accompanying to doctors and place of worship

Home Care plans at True Freedom are far better than long-term insurance care plans. Long-term care policies are written for the people in 45-64 years of age. Therefore, True Freedom provides you home care services at any time. Some more benefits of Keystone Elder Planning which provides True Freedom services are they don’t need lots of time-consuming paperwork and underwriting. They will respond to your call within 24 to 72 hours. Moreover, there is no age limit to access home care services. You just need to call their toll free number and can get comfortable services at your home.

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