An Alternative to Traditional Long Term care Insurance

Everyone wants a happy and secure life without any worries. This is the reason people opt long-term care insurance to ensure a good happy life even in their old age. But before stepping on to this decision you must know about the expensive annual premiums which a long-term insurance can offer.


Sometimes, it becomes difficult to pay a premium and to get them back if needed. Then what’s the better alternative to traditional long-term insurance? The answer is simple. Select service contracts rather than any insurance. To facilitate this, Keystone Elder Planning LLC grants True Freedom Home Care Plan which is based on service contracts. It provides companionship and home care services including

• Meal preparation
• Laundry
• Dressing, bathing and toileting
• Personal Hygiene
• Grocery shopping
• Medication reminders
• Accompanying to doctors and holy places to worship


The response time of true freedom care is quite good. They provide services within one or two days. One of the best advantages of Keystone Elder Planning LLC is that it requires

• No Medical questions
• No age limit
• No underwriting
• No deductible


The mission statement of Keystone Elder Planning is to develop and facilitate the highest quality contract home care products and services for the senior market. It is established in all the 50 states of U.S. which makes it more accessible and quick.

All these facts regarding Keystone Elder Planning LLC make it the best alternative for home care plans. Instead of investing higher amounts of money in long-term care insurance you must try service contracts of True Freedom premier plans.

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