Veterans Home Care Plan Benefits

Veterans play a crucial role in our country. They spent their whole life in protecting us. Veterans stay miles away from their homes on their duty and sacrifice comforts of homes. Thus, in their elderly age, it’s our responsibility to give them a better home care plans. The main benefit of a good home care plan is that they can enjoy all services at their doorstep with their loved ones. Keystone Elder Planning, LLC provides home care services which are considered as the greatest asset to them. Through True freedom Home Care Plan, they can access relevant and effective services without any worry.


Often, many veterans find difficulty to clear the eligibility of long-term care plans due to lots of paperwork and underwriting. But True Freedom provides them with all sorts of home care services without underwriting and medical questions. Moreover, there are no age limit and deductibles. Paychecks will be mailed immediately.


Keystone Elder Planning, LLC also gives four premier plans, namely Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Apart from these premier plans, it is also offering some discounts at the time of enrollment according to the mentioned conditioned:


  • For selecting an annual membership payment, a 5% discount will be given to the individual.
  • When husband & wife or domestic partners enroll at the same time, then 10% discount is available for each membership.
  • When husband & wife or domestic partners enroll at the same time for annual membership payment, then 15% discount will be provided to them.

All the premier plans and available discounts work best for the veterans to live their elderly life happily. Keystone Elder Planning gives True freedom Home Care Plans through ASSI to facilitate this need of veterans.

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